Baseball Boy {Schertz Sports Photography}

Having 3 sons I thought it inevitable that they’d play sports, especially considering my husband was athletic and although I was only “ok” at playing sports I am excellent at watching them!  All 3 boys are so different and it’s been interesting watching them grow & evolve into their own individual personalities with their own likes and dislikes.  Our oldest who is 16 tried pretty much all sports growing up and played baseball till be was 12 or so then once he discovered band that was IT for him and it is his primary passion & activity these days.  Thankfully his high school and our town in general embraces the band program and therefore it’s just A-MAZING.  I mean really, they have their own semi-truck painted black w/the band’s logo on the side of it for the love of pete.  Our middle son is very much like my father was, very easy-going almost passive and can do just about anything he sets his mind to.  A jack of all trades but master of none (like his mother too!) and I say this out of love.  He’s tried just about everything you can imagine however has yet to find that ONE thing that rocks his world and is something he wants to do again and again and again.  He used to love paintballing & skateboarding and we have all the necesary equipment to prove it however he’s ready to move on from those activities, think he’s simply outgrowing them now that he’s in high school, and it’s my earnest prayer that he’ll find his niche.  Son #3 has found definitely found his niche, for now anyway, and that is baseball.  Since he was a little guy he’s loved it and I keep wondering if he’ll move onto something else but so far that hasn’t happened…..thankfully!  I’m thrilled to have at least one boy who is still involved in sports and therefore I’ll support him 110% although it does dominate huge chunks of our weekends at times and means Mama sits for hours and hours at practices however I try to remind myself that this is temporary and that these rascals will be out of the house on their own before we know it.  B is on a new team this fall, a select team where all the boys actually want to be there and want to become better players, which is nice so I brought my camera along to their tournament last season to take a few photos so you, too, could see what takes up so much of my time! 

My future Hall-of-Famer!


Watching his teammate bat, waiting his turn.


Trying to bring his teammate home from 3rd base.


All of the shots had to  be taken through chain-link fence which was, um, a challenge to say the least when dealing w/a big honkin’ camera & lens but I’d get up the fence and poke the end of the lens through one of the openings of the fence as best as I could.  Hopefully their next tournament will be at fields which are more photographer-friendly!!

A quick thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday whether it was through Facebook, Twitter, emails, texts, calls, etc.  I love all of you and you sure know how to make a girl feel special!  ((hugs))

  • Kristin - How wonderful to have 3 very different gentlemen in your life. You are so very, very blessed.

  • Kris - Hi, Jana: I love the baseball photos. I hope your birthday was happy and that you celebrated in a special way. From one of your SB little sisters 😉

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