Happy friday to you!  I’m sure you’re as ready & psyched for the weekend as I even though I will spend the majority of mine at a baseball field watching my youngest who is 11 play in his first fall tournament.  Thankfully the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so we’re all ready to kick off fall baseball season!  He’ll have tournaments that we’ll have to travel to nearly every weekend till early November but he literally eats, breathes & sleeps baseball so seeing him doing something he loves so much makes the sacrifices all well worth it in my book. 

Last week Steve and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and although we spent it hundreds of miles apart he made up for it by bringing a dozen beautiful pale pink roses home to me when he returned from his trip.  What a guy!  I love fresh flowers although it’s always a bit sad when they meet their fate w/Mr. Trash Can so I always try to take a few shots of them for posterity, here’s one of my faves……

1 copy

Also wanted to take time to post a sneak peek for Matt who is another one of my Senior Reps from Steele High School.  Enjoy your peeks, Matt!


He has the friendliest smile!


Yes, this is a real rainbow!  It rained on us when the shoot began but thankfully it stopped & we were blessed.


He brought his adorable girlfriend, Tessa, along so I snapped a few shots of them together.


Quick update on the Holiday Mini-Sessions, sunday is nearly full.  I have 2:30pm & 5:00pm slots left so let me know if you’re interested!  Have a great weekend!!

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  • Kristin - I’m slightly biased but I think Matthew is most handsome! 🙂 Thanks for letting him be a part of your business. (PS: Tessa is quite adorable too!)

I love referrals.  Word of mouth is everything in the business world and it can mean the difference between someone hiring you or deciding to hire someone else.  It’s always exciting meeting new clients who were referred to me by friends or former clients, people whom I don’t know and then after some chatting we realize how much we have in common or mutual friends we have.  This is one of the perks of living in a somewhat small city I suppose.  Taylor’s mom contacted me because she’s a teacher and works with my pastor’s wife who also happens to be a client.  She needed senior portraits taken of her son and now he’s also one of my senior reps, you’ve gotta love referrals!  Enjoy your sneak peeks….




Speaking of referrals, I don’t know if you know about my referral program so here it is……..when you refer someone to me who books & shoots their session, you earn a free 5×7 print and after 3 referrals, you earn a free photo session!  That’s a total a total value of $210 just for bringing clients to Brown-Eyed Girl and don’t forget about the holiday mini-sessions too.  Sunday spots are filling up and if you book by Sept. 24 I’ll give you $75 to spend towards prints from your session.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Kristin - Taylor looks fantastic. Very photogenic! I’ve book marked your new blog, simply for stalking purposes! 🙂

As I mentioned in the previous post I love military families since we’re one too, well we were…….my husband is retired Air Force after 20+ years in.  Amy approached me at church asking if I would take family portraits for them since her husband will be deploying soon and of course I was more than happy to oblige.  I love knowing that he’ll be looking at photos that I took and that they’ll bring him joy & happiness as they remind him of home and how much his wife & son love him.  I was also looking forward to their session because I had watched their son in our church’s nursery for about a year before he graduated up to sunday school and in that time I feel I got to know him really well, he’s such a sweetheart.  Just LOOK at these eyes!  He is sweetness personified if I ever saw it.  I had a ball following him around the park one morning watching him explore and romp around.  We saw quite a few animals as well so it was just about as good as a trip to the zoo I’d say!  Here are some sneak peeks for you………









Hope all of you had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend.  We went to Dallas to visit my mom, the boys hadn’t seen her since Dad passed away and I think they really needed to see her and know that she’s ok.  At my urging, she had a small list of “honey-dos” for us to do for her over the weekend and I’m happy she did that.  It gave us something to do and a satisfaction knowing we helped her out doing things that Dad normally would’ve done for her.  We were also able to kick of college football season cheering on our favorite team with Mom & my brother, go Oklahoma State!!  All in all it was a busy but nice weekend, I’m happy we were able to go.  Now it’s time to attempt getting back into some sort of a school & home routine again, something I’m not very good at unfortunately but I’m sure going to try.  Take care All and have a great week!  I’ll be posting more holiday mini session details soon.

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  • Amy Benson - These are fantastic…I can’t wait to see them all!

  • Debbie Boudar - I always knew I had just about the cutest little grandson in the world, and you just proved it! Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of my daughter and her family. I know Jamie will treasure them while he is overseas. I can’t wait to see how the rest turned out.

TGIF & happy Labor Day weekend!  Hope you have some fun or even perhaps super lazy plans for this long holiday weekend.  We’ll be taking the boys up to visit my mom this weekend since they haven’t seen her since my dad passed away.  They’ve been asking questions and have concerns about Grandma I think so hopefully it’ll do them and her good as well to be together this weekend.  I think they just need reassurance that Grandma is ok and I know having company has given her something to look forward to.  It’ll be a hard but good weekend.  One great thing about it is that we’ll be able to kick off college football season watching my favorite team & alma mater, Oklahoma State University, play on national television with my hilarious brother who is also a HUGE Cowboy fan.  Mom is making BBQ for us and it’ll be nice being all together to cheer our team onto victory! 

Now onto the BIG holiday news!  Last yr. I chose a weekend in early November in which to do mini family sessions for clients who were needing portraits done to give as gifts or perhaps for their Christmas cards and the weekend was a huge success so I’ve decided to do it again this yr.  The weekend I’ve chosen is October 17 & 18th which is a saturday & sunday.  I will work out final details and post them soon but wanted to give you a heads up on the date. 

I also thought I’d go back through previous sessions and show you some of my personal favorite shots now that I have a new shiny blog with big nice images!  I go to church with this awesome family and they wanted family portraits done since the husband will be deploying for Iraq soon.  I love it when families choose to make the investment in photography and realize it’s significance & importance and I especially have a soft spot in my heart for military families since we were in the Air Force for 20 yrs.  I can’t think of much else for families to invest in that will provide pricess lifelong memories for not only their family but for generations to come so kudos to families who make that important decision.  I know that we all have many choices on what we can spend our money on and where we spend it so when folks choose to invest in my photography it means the world to me, what an honor.  Truly. 






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  • Chasity - aww, i love that shot of mama & baby. so sweet!!! 🙂 glad ya’ll had a great trip to dallas!

Some of my very favorite subjects to photograph are high school seniors, I just adore them.  Students these days are so willing to be themselves, project their personality & insert that into their photographs and most of all, do things that set themselves apart from others which is a far cry from when I was a senior back in the ’80s (YES, the ’80s!) where most of us were cookie cutter copies of one another or at least the other members of whichever clique we belonged to and all of our senior pics pretty much looked the same.  Now the sky is the limit and I always have fun brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of senior clients & their parents and then seeing what they decide on. 

This is Jordan and I just adore her.  She’s in band and because of that became friends with my son who is also in band even though she’s a year older.  I was a band girl too so I can totally relate!  She’s an excellent French Horn player and decided to bring it along on her shoot as well as her letter jacket, I was thrilled about that and just love any little things that add personal touches to the portraits.


Go Steele Knights!


This is my personal fave……just LOOK at those big hazel eyes!

5 copy

Thank you Jordan, hope you have an awesome senior year!


 Speaking of the ’80s earlier, I was able to sneak off to Houston for the weekend to see one of my favorite ’80s bands in concert, Depeche Mode, and it was such a fun drift back into nostalgia!  I love to see these older bands pull themselves together, put aside differences, reunite and become just as good as they ever were again.  Good for them!  I hadn’t seen them in concert before and they just totally blew me away, FANTASTIC!  Needless to say, I’ve had Depeche Mode music in heavy rotation on my iPod for the past week or two in preparation for the show and I don’t see any end in sight…..still love those guys and their music is still as relevant as ever.  Speaking of which, time to crank up some ’80s tunes and get some more work done.  ‘Till next time…….

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  • Tracy - Those are BEAUTIFUL! I think that all of our hair looked the same in the 80’s and we probably all wore the same perfume too!
    I hope that your week is going well!

  • Jana - Tracy – I remember wearing Ciara perfume and then of course the Ralph Lauren perfumes when they were released. I was a Ralph Lauren groupie, total preppy! Thanks for stopping by, hope your week is going well too!!

  • Chasity - these are so amazing! she is gorgeous!!! my fave is your fave too! she has incredible eyes!!!!

  • layel cota - wow…… these r really pretty!!!! check me out at glogster.com/layelcota!!!!!!!!

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