Having 3 sons I thought it inevitable that they’d play sports, especially considering my husband was athletic and although I was only “ok” at playing sports I am excellent at watching them!  All 3 boys are so different and it’s been interesting watching them grow & evolve into their own individual personalities with their own likes and dislikes.  Our oldest who is 16 tried pretty much all sports growing up and played baseball till be was 12 or so then once he discovered band that was IT for him and it is his primary passion & activity these days.  Thankfully his high school and our town in general embraces the band program and therefore it’s just A-MAZING.  I mean really, they have their own semi-truck painted black w/the band’s logo on the side of it for the love of pete.  Our middle son is very much like my father was, very easy-going almost passive and can do just about anything he sets his mind to.  A jack of all trades but master of none (like his mother too!) and I say this out of love.  He’s tried just about everything you can imagine however has yet to find that ONE thing that rocks his world and is something he wants to do again and again and again.  He used to love paintballing & skateboarding and we have all the necesary equipment to prove it however he’s ready to move on from those activities, think he’s simply outgrowing them now that he’s in high school, and it’s my earnest prayer that he’ll find his niche.  Son #3 has found definitely found his niche, for now anyway, and that is baseball.  Since he was a little guy he’s loved it and I keep wondering if he’ll move onto something else but so far that hasn’t happened…..thankfully!  I’m thrilled to have at least one boy who is still involved in sports and therefore I’ll support him 110% although it does dominate huge chunks of our weekends at times and means Mama sits for hours and hours at practices however I try to remind myself that this is temporary and that these rascals will be out of the house on their own before we know it.  B is on a new team this fall, a select team where all the boys actually want to be there and want to become better players, which is nice so I brought my camera along to their tournament last season to take a few photos so you, too, could see what takes up so much of my time! 

My future Hall-of-Famer!


Watching his teammate bat, waiting his turn.


Trying to bring his teammate home from 3rd base.


All of the shots had to  be taken through chain-link fence which was, um, a challenge to say the least when dealing w/a big honkin’ camera & lens but I’d get up the fence and poke the end of the lens through one of the openings of the fence as best as I could.  Hopefully their next tournament will be at fields which are more photographer-friendly!!

A quick thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday whether it was through Facebook, Twitter, emails, texts, calls, etc.  I love all of you and you sure know how to make a girl feel special!  ((hugs))

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  • Kristin - How wonderful to have 3 very different gentlemen in your life. You are so very, very blessed.

  • Kris - Hi, Jana: I love the baseball photos. I hope your birthday was happy and that you celebrated in a special way. From one of your SB little sisters 😉

Good monday morning to you, hope your’s is off to a great start and you’re sipping on some yummy coffee or tea while browsing blogs & the web.  We had a busy but good weekend.  Spent the better part of mine at the baseball fields in Boerne cheering on my 11 yr old and his teammates through 3 defeats which wasn’t easy however we were blessed with pretty weather so my summer tan was revived and we got a mega-dose of vitamin D while sitting outside for hours & hours.  Hung w/some neighborhood friends saturday night (thanks Michele!) and cleaned my house like a crazed woman yesterday so all in all I’d say it was a nice productive couple of days.  I promised I’d share Creed pics if I got any and unfortunately the only one I have is one provided to us by their fan club who ran the Meet & Greet we attended.  Overall they ran the show pretty well and it was an awesome experience although it was over with all too quickly!  We were right up front on the floor for the show smashed in the middle of hundreds of other folks but it’s always a fun & wild experience being so close to the “action”.  Anyway, here we are with Creed before the show…….I was so giddy & excited (that’s me in the middle, the other girl is my friend, Deirdre), does it show?  Lol. 

creed!!! copy

I also want to tell you about something pretty darned cool.  Maile Wilson of Relish Photography is a local photographer here in San Antonio (she’s the gal who took my bio pic above!) and she is launching something verrrrrrrry exciting!  It’s been her dream for the past couple of years to come up with a fashionable & functional bag for photographers to carry their valuable equipment around in.  We’ve all been there where you’re stuffing your camera & lenses down in your purse, wrapping it up in a t-shirt or anything else you can find to attempt to protect it because you don’t want to lug your big camera bag somewhere.  Well, now you can have both…….a cute purse which is ALSO your camera bag!  She made the big announcement yesterday and will be launching the website in a few weeks but for now, you can get the 411 here: http://dailyrelish.squarespace.com/  She showed us her prototype a while back which was awesome & I was SO excited that she’s making it big enough to carry everything in, even the bigger lenses such as the 70-200mm.  Score!!  Here they are…..


I’m off & running this monday morning trying to get “chores” done so I can hopefully sit & craft the rest of the day today & tomorrow.  I have 2 weeks to get 3 swaps completed & sent for Silver Bella (http://www.teresamcfayden.typepad.com/silverbella/) and I haven’t even started on them yet so it’s time to get crackalackin on those!!  Thankfully I kept my photography load light this week because of my birthday tomorrow (hint hint!!).  I wanted to be able to take some time & relax and it’s been so long since I’ve allowed myself time to sit down & be creative with paper, glue, glitter, etc so I think some artsy time will be just the ticket for me.  Here is one of the swaps I did last yr which was a big hit:


I temporarily lost my mind and signed up for 2 soldered charm swaps last yr and ended up having to make over 25 charms when I had never soldered before in my life!  Talk about a quick crash course but it was just the motivation I needed to make myself sit & learn to finally do it.  I found the strings of old rhinestones on an old gown at my local Goodwill store and just glued them on.  This yr I’m only doing one charm swap along w/4 others.  Yes, I have a problem saying no.  In case you haven’t heard of Silver Bella, here’s a little crash-course photo collage I made that pretty much encompasses everything Silver Bella is about:


Go check out Maile’s bags & have a great day!!

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  • Jemellia - Looks like you had a lot of fun! I have 2 swaps in which I am participating that I need to start and mail!!

  • Jen - i LOVE these bags!!! i am so in the market for a cute and functional bag like this! TFS!

  • Kristin - Those bags are fan-freakin-tastic! I want the red one and I still have a pitiful point and shoot! Glitter and creativity are always good. One day *sigh* one day I’ll get to Silver Bella.

  • Linda - Happy Birthday Jana of the Jungle!!!

  • meg duerksen - hello! i came over from maile’s link. i love those bags. my birthday was last week too. 🙂 i am going to silver bella this year! i have NO IDEA what to expect. at all.
    any advice?

Hi all, hope your weekend is off to a great start.  After a cool rainy soggy week we are blessed with a lovely warm sunny blue-skied day here in south TX and we will spending most of our’s at baseball fields watching our youngest play in a tournament.  Please remind me to bring along sunscreen and an umbrella this time!  I also wanted to pop in to announce that my holiday mini-sessions on sunday Oct. 18 are FULL.  Thank you for the wonderful response!!  Those of you who already booked will get $75 in free prints along with your 25 gorgeous Christmas cards.  I do still have a few slots available on saturday the 17th so it’s not too late! 

For those of you who have already done a session with me but are interested in using one of your images in my custom Christmas cards, sets of 25 cards are available for $40.  I will be posting available templates soon for you to see.  Thanks & have a great weekend!

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I’m pretty certain that no matter where you’re reading this from that fall has arrived at your house in some form or fashion too.  Here in San Antonio we literally went from hot, sunny & temps in the high 90s to coolness, rain & temps in the 50s & 60s overnight.  HELLO!  I thought that weather *might* stick around for a day or two if we were lucky but we’re going on 3 days now so I guess that means when Mother Nature brought the official first day of autumn on tuesday, she wasn’t kidding!!  I’m so ready to dig out scarves, long jeans, cute jackets & boots again and take some pretty fall pictures now!  Problem is, Mother Nature also brought us a boatload of rain which I am not complaining about at all, it just sure puts a kink in outdoor sessions.  Had to cancel 2 of them this week  but hopefully we’ll be able to do them soon. 

Thankfully we were able to sneak in Chelsea’s senior session before the cool front arrived last week!  We met in Gruene (along with hundreds of other folks who decided to hang out there that night!) and had fun walking around town anyway and cranking out her senior pics.  Thanks for agreeing to be a Senior Rep for me this yr. Chelsea, have a great school year and enjoy your sneak peeks!!

Chelsea 12 copy

Chelsea 4 copy

Chelsea 16

Tonight I’m heading to the Staind/Creed concert tonight and I’m super excited about it.  I’ve been a Creed fan for years and was so bummed when they broke up a few yrs back.  I saw them in concert in 2004 but that was when they were on their way out so it wasn’t a good show at all.  Now that they’ve put their differences aside and are together again I’m hoping for a great show tonight, especially because my friend and I will be front row!  We’re meeting the guys before the show too and despite all of the concerts I’ve been to in my lifetime this is my very first meet & greet so I’m beyond giddy and I hope I don’t look like a big idiot!  Unfortunately Creed has a very strict NO CAMERA policy so I won’t be able to share any of my pics here with you but hopefully I can hork the ones they’ll be taking and share those.  Will keep you posted on that!  Now to find the perfect outfit……

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  • LEah Holamon - Beautiful pics. Enjoy Creed.

  • Chasity - what a cutie! have fun tonight!

  • -shawna- - love what you are doing with colors! Beautiful work!!

  • Tracy - Jana,
    Those are beautiful! Have fun at the concert!

Happy friday to you!  I’m sure you’re as ready & psyched for the weekend as I even though I will spend the majority of mine at a baseball field watching my youngest who is 11 play in his first fall tournament.  Thankfully the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so we’re all ready to kick off fall baseball season!  He’ll have tournaments that we’ll have to travel to nearly every weekend till early November but he literally eats, breathes & sleeps baseball so seeing him doing something he loves so much makes the sacrifices all well worth it in my book. 

Last week Steve and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and although we spent it hundreds of miles apart he made up for it by bringing a dozen beautiful pale pink roses home to me when he returned from his trip.  What a guy!  I love fresh flowers although it’s always a bit sad when they meet their fate w/Mr. Trash Can so I always try to take a few shots of them for posterity, here’s one of my faves……

1 copy

Also wanted to take time to post a sneak peek for Matt who is another one of my Senior Reps from Steele High School.  Enjoy your peeks, Matt!


He has the friendliest smile!


Yes, this is a real rainbow!  It rained on us when the shoot began but thankfully it stopped & we were blessed.


He brought his adorable girlfriend, Tessa, along so I snapped a few shots of them together.


Quick update on the Holiday Mini-Sessions, sunday is nearly full.  I have 2:30pm & 5:00pm slots left so let me know if you’re interested!  Have a great weekend!!

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  • Kristin - I’m slightly biased but I think Matthew is most handsome! 🙂 Thanks for letting him be a part of your business. (PS: Tessa is quite adorable too!)

I love referrals.  Word of mouth is everything in the business world and it can mean the difference between someone hiring you or deciding to hire someone else.  It’s always exciting meeting new clients who were referred to me by friends or former clients, people whom I don’t know and then after some chatting we realize how much we have in common or mutual friends we have.  This is one of the perks of living in a somewhat small city I suppose.  Taylor’s mom contacted me because she’s a teacher and works with my pastor’s wife who also happens to be a client.  She needed senior portraits taken of her son and now he’s also one of my senior reps, you’ve gotta love referrals!  Enjoy your sneak peeks….




Speaking of referrals, I don’t know if you know about my referral program so here it is……..when you refer someone to me who books & shoots their session, you earn a free 5×7 print and after 3 referrals, you earn a free photo session!  That’s a total a total value of $210 just for bringing clients to Brown-Eyed Girl and don’t forget about the holiday mini-sessions too.  Sunday spots are filling up and if you book by Sept. 24 I’ll give you $75 to spend towards prints from your session.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Kristin - Taylor looks fantastic. Very photogenic! I’ve book marked your new blog, simply for stalking purposes! 🙂

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