Do you have a high school senior who only needs and wants a few digital images to use for yearbook ads, graduation announcements or wallet prints? Well then do I have the solution for you! I am now offering a quick & painless 30 minute photo session that’s taken in one local location in one outfit and for $200 you will get 12-15 digital images that will come with a print release and can be printed up to an 8×10″ size. I also offer add-ons to these mini session such as wallet prints and gift prints if you would love to have lovely professional prints of your seniors images to display in your home or include in their grad announcements or thank you notes. These sessions are typically great for senior guys and I haven’t had one complain yet that the session was too long or that it wasn’t nearly as painful as they thought it’d be so contact me now to book your senior’s photo session so that will be one more thing that you can check off of your lengthy to-do list!


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Ok, so turning 50 isn’t easy. I’m not gonna lie. I was NOT really looking forward to it at ALL even though I normally love it when my birthday rolls around each year but this year? Blah. So……I decided to plan some things for my big day that I actually would look forward to, one of which was a fun photo session. I usually DREAD being on the front of a camera, not behind it as usual, but I just decided that this milestone deserved to be documented even though I’m going through this funky sort of pre-menopausal frumpy bloat phase but what can you do?! I had noticed a few adult cake smash sessions on Pinterest but hadn’t seen anyone yet who had done this type of session for their 50th birthday, mostly younger girls were doing them for their 30th, so I thought “what the heck…..why not?!!” I began to gather up some cute props to use in my shoot, made myself a cute tank to wear, bought a sassy pink tutu from the Junk Gypsies, dusted off my leopard print cowboy boots, gathered up some obnoxious rhinestones and pulled it all together so the next step was to find the photographer. I posted a pic of some props I had found for my shoot on Instagram and posed the question of who wanted to shoot the session for me and thankfully Robbin at replied that she’d be happy to shoot it for me! She’s normally the master of newborn photo shoots so doing something different and working with someone who will actually stay still and do what you ask them to do sounded fun and appealing to her so we met up at a park on a warm, I mean, like, REALLY warm, September evening and just sort of went for it and had a blast together! Let me know if YOU would like to shoot a photo session like this to document a special milestone in your life because they’re a blast and a fun reason to get all dolled up! I will even help you pull the props together if you’d like because to me, that’s one of the best parts of something like this. Interested? Intrigued?? Leave me a comment or message me and let’s chat! I’ll forever be grateful to Robbin for being willing to do this for me and that I’ll have these images to document this time of my life when I am happy, sassy, fifty and fabulous!!



















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One of the most blessed and exciting things I’ve heard in my life was that our sweet niece, Renee, and her husband, Todd, are expecting their first child. After going through fertility issues and heart break, as my husband and I did years before as well, we all rejoiced when this baby was conceived because as anyone who’s spent even just a few minutes around Renee knows, this woman was put on this earth to be a mother. She is the cousin who carried my boys around when they were babies as if they were her own when she would come spend time with us during the summer and the sister who watches her oldest sister’s 4 daughters every Monday on her day off so she can spend time with them. It’s been so wonderful watching her grow & blossom into such a loving sweet young lady and marry the man of her dreams and now it will be just as wonderful watching her become the mama she’s always wanted to be. I was so thrilled that Renee allowed me to take some maternity pictures for them when we flew up to Illinois last week for her baby shower. She chose a local apple orchard as the backdrop for her shoot, which we don’t have many if any of here in Texas, so we chose to make the most of our afternoon there on an unusually warm Indian Summer day. Here are some of my favorites from the day…….enjoy & thanks for stopping by.











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Please don’t hesitate to contact me even if the date you need isn’t listed, I will consider all requests. I also offer mini sessions all of the time now so I will not be doing the marathon mini session weekends as I have in years past. You can find my mini session pricing as well as all of my other pricing info here on my website, please contact me here if you have any other questions or you can reach me at the phone # & email address listed above. Hope to hear from you!

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I found out about Shauna & her fabulous business, Poor Pitiful Pearl, through our mutual friend, Kara. Kara knew that Shauna was located here in my neck of the woods so she messaged me to ask if I knew about PPP and how fabulous it was. I hadn’t heard about it at that point so I checked it out online & when I saw how completely adorable Shauna’s repurposed clothing was, I was simply SMITTEN! I bought a few items from her online shop then decided to go meet her in person at the New Braunfels Farmers Market one Saturday morning and of course she was just as precious in person as I imagined she would be!! Eventually Shauna opened up a brick & mortar store in New Braunfels so I went to treat myself to something new for my birthday one day and as Shauna was walking me out, I felt led to ask her if she needed help with anything. She looked at me in confusion and asked, “What do you mean?”. I wasn’t exactly sure what I meant since the words just sort of flew out of my mouth before I could really think about them so I just told her that I was willing to help her out with anything she might need whether it be personal or professional. She got tears in her eyes and told me that she was needing someone to fill in at the store one day a week so that Lauren could attend her college classes & Shauna could continue to homeschool her girls and spend time with them at home and I knew immediately that I was her girl! I worked at PPP for about 6 months until Shauna decided to go back to selling her products exclusively at the Farmers Market & online and in that time got to know Shauna, Lauren, the PPP models and her family & also established quite the PPP wardrobe which makes this girl extremely happy! In the time I worked with her, I learned that there wasn’t much more that Shauna wanted other than to have another child so when I found out she was pregnant, tears welled up in eyes and I thanked Him for blessing this friend who was SO deserving of this baby boy. I was more than thrilled to be able to take pictures of her lovely baby shower and meet her sweet friend, Selena, who worked so hard to pull all of the magic together on that lovely Texas afternoon…….

















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