Team-up Thursday

Chasity & I decided to try something fun &  new, well new to US anyway, Team-up Thursday.  It’s a concept of Megan’s and there’s a flickr group here where you can see the other participant’s entries.  She picks a theme each week, each team of 2 takes their own photo of their interpretation of her theme without the other team member seeing it or knowing what they’re taking a pic of and then on thursday each team of 2 displays their photos that are cropped together side by side at the flickr group.  This week’s theme was BOOK.  I chose to take a photo of my husband’s Bible that belonged to his grandfather when he was a young boy.  His family came to America from Germany and the Bible’s text is in German, very very wonderful.  I also love how Chasity folded her books pages into a heart & how the colors of our photos even go together!  I’ve been so busy taking photos for clients that I often forget to take them of my own family or simple everyday things that I see so it’s going to be really fun having an excuse to do just that.  Here’s our entry for the week, my photo on top, Chasity’s on the bottom:

  • MelodyA. - Awesome! What a great photo and fantastic story to go with it. You can actually choose your own theme. We just posts our theme in case you need a prompt. Great job you two. So glad you are playing.

  • megan - jana, i love these two together. i commented on chasity’s dip in the pool. it’s so interesting that you both chose a single book to focus on. yours tells a story so eloquently, even without your explanation in the text. great pair — glad you two are joining the fun!

  • Joanna {sweet finds} - Hey Jana,

    Love the photos… that’s neat. I haven’t heard about the challenge. I need a partner! LOL

    I have been chatting a lot with Jenn Stewart. Hear y’all are friends. 🙂 She said you might come down for Paper Cowgirls!
    Hope so… we didn’t get to visit much at SB.

    Are you going to SB this year?

    hugs, Joanna

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