Welcome to the World, Baby Stefen!

Last Fall I took pictures for Monica and her family and since then she’s become a certified Doula (which is something I had also highly considered doing several years ago & have always been intrigued by).  She had some clients who had mentioned possibly having a photographer at the birth of their child so she asked if birth photography was something I might be interested in.  It took me about a nanosecond to say YES!  The first mom to give birth since my conversation with Monica was Natasha.  This was her third baby and she decided to give birth at the San Antonio Birth Center which thankfully has very liberal rules for photographers being in the room and birth photography in general.  You’ve got to love a place where within your first 5 minutes of being there, the Midwife comes to you and says in a sweet voice that you have carte blanche to go anywhere needed in the room to get the shot I wanted and not to worry if I was in her way.  How refreshing!  I got the call from Natasha at 9:30am on the morning of the 19th that she’d been contracting all night and thought that today might be THE day and could I be on call for them.  Thankfully I had nothing planned that day other than working at home so it was the perfect day for me to meet up with them.  I got another call from Monica about an hour later asking if I could be there by noon so I showed up to join Monica, Natasha’s mother and her husband while she was still having contractions yet not entirely in the “active” phase of labor just yet.  The room was warm and inviting…….lovely taupe walls with tiny footprints of the babies who had been born there painted on the walls, a stone fireplace, candles, decorations, pretty pictures on the walls, a nice wooden bed with pretty bed linens trimmed in eyelet……the sort of place EVERY woman wants to give birth in versus the sterile environment of a typical hospital setting.  Within an hour of my being there, Natasha transferred to a big oval bathtub that was located in the center of the birthing room.  Once there, she was able to relax and let her labor progress quickly & naturally and before we knew it, baby Stefen was born alert & perfect at 3:05pm.  I felt SO honored to have witnessed such a miracle as I fought back tears in order to continue taking pictures for Natasha & her family and I’ll always treasure the experience.  I plan on photographing a few more births before I officially introduce this type of photography to my business but I truly DID love the experience and know how much I would’ve  loved to have had pictures of my 3 birthing experiences.  Thank you Monica & Natasha for the opportunity to be there with you & congrats to the Ireland family on the addition of Stefen to their lovely family!


  • larissa - Absolutely amazing pics, Jana! I have attended several births of friends of line, and I never stop getting choked up either! Fantastic way to remember the day!

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