Dallas Market Center {Brown-Eyed Girl Photography}

Back in April, I attended a blogger luncheon in Round Top, TX during Warrenton Antique week and then blogged about it here.  Because of my blog post, I was asked to attend the June markets at Dallas Market Center which included an Apparel & Accessories Market along with a Total Home & Gift Market which included a Hill Country Home Finds market, a cash & carry French Market Finds show (can you say Tinsel Trading Company?!!) & a Vintage Home/Furniture Finds show in their infamous Market Hall.  I grew up in Oklahoma and learned about the Dallas Market from my maternal grandparents.  They down to Dallas to attend market in the 70s & 80s to begin collecting glassware, mostly Carnival glass, which they then passed on to their daughters & granddaughters.  I was lucky enough to get some of the Carnival glass and have it displayed proudly in my home (my little 6 Degrees of Separation from Dallas Market!).  I have driven by the Market Center buildings, which consists of 3 large buildings which sit side by side along Stemmons Freeway, dozens of times and always wondered what went on inside that huge tall building.  Over the next 2 days, I learned it houses 15 floors of permanent & temporary stores & showrooms filled with all sorts of wares from lighting to furniture to clothing to accessories to home decor and anything in between as well as many permanent cash & carry businesses which sell mostly women’s clothing & accessories to the general public(which I thoroughly enjoyed and took advantage of!).

The huge World Trade Center building was the first one I walked into when I arrived at market and I just sort of stood there in the atrium lobby looking up at all of the floors and the hustle & bustle going on from retailers there to shop for their stores & businesses and vendors who were there to set up their booths & temporary stores for market.  It was quite an amazing sight.

I’ll be totally & completely honest with you.  I had never been to market before and knew nothing about what to expect so I just sort of walked in, looked around, soaked it all in, grabbed a directory and began walking.  And I walked.  and walked.  and walked.  and walked.  I don’t think I’ve covered that much ground in years but it didn’t even seem like it as I was distracted by walking down air-conditioned hallways lined with lovely stores with gorgeous displays, fun music and of course they all smelled yummy too so it was like walking through the best mall EVER.  I browsed in and out of the stores to see what sort of merchandise was available for sale and quickly wished I had a store of my own so I could purchase some of the lovely products and wait for them to arrive on my doorstep!  After going up a few floors of the Trade Center, I discovered a whole floor of cash & carry products, women’s jewelry, accessories and clothing, which made my heart beat like mad!!  Thankfully there was no minimum purchase in most of these stores so I was able to shop & shop to my heart’s content OR till my wallet screamed “No more!!”.  Another very exciting find of the day was stumbling across the A Gilded Life products being produced by Demdaco!  Demdaco had one of the biggest nicest stores at market and when I noticed the Gilded Life’s lovely glittery vintage goodness my heart literally skipped a beat because I recognized their look and products immediately by attending many of their art retreats and spending lots of time in their lovely Dallas home (although they’ve since moved home to California).  Thankfully they were nice enough to allow me to take pictures of the products (which many of the exhibitors prohibited) and maybe me mentioning Debbie & Shea by name convinced them that I really did know them and would truly blog the photographs as I told them I would?!  😉  Bask in the loveliness……..

Another lovely display from the Demdaco store and another that I can’t remember……sorry!

I pushed on and kept walking and walking and found the d.stevens fine ribbons store and felt as if I’d walked into my own little corner of Heaven plus they were all SO nice there!  I was swooning over all of the burlap and lovely ribbons and just LOOK at those actual wedding cakes adorned with their rhinestone trims!!

I walked some more and found the lovely A&B Home decor store which was like walking into a beautiful French Country home, MY type of home!!  Thankfully they were very nice as well and allowed me to take pictures of their gorgeous rooms.  It’s truly a good thing for my bank account that I couldn’t shop in there!

I browsed the Home & Gift Market that day until 7pm or so then I took a shuttle to my hotel and put my feet up for some must-needed rest so I could recharge and be ready to go for day 2!  The next day began the events in Market Hall which were the French Market Finds show and the Vintage Home/Furniture Finds show which were what I was really excited about since I knew there would be more cash & carry opportunities there!!  I walked into market hall to find a huge open well-lit building FULL of antiques, rugs, furniture and home decor which made me swoon and I recognized many of the vendors from  the Warrenton & Marburger Farm antique shows.  Parked right in the middle of the Vintage Home show was a Royers Round Top Cafe food booth to feed all of the hungry shoppers and I swear it was always busy when I walked by so I was only able to chat with Bud for a few seconds unfortunately.

I spy Bud the Pie Man with my little eye!!

After 2 very full days, I left the DMC with a very clear idea of what they do there, what services they provide and how AMAZING it really is and I really hope that I’m fortunate enough to get to go back there again someday.



  • Heather Pusok - Love this brown eyed Girl photography

  • Bobbi Sue Head - Love your work!

  • Joanna Jerome - Since Dallas is my “home” and I miss it terribly I love all the pictures and remembering what a great place the Dallas Market is. I shopped there once with a friend who owned an antique store on the square in McKinney, TX. I would love to win a session with you since I will be visiting Dallas in September. It would be a great chance to do a session! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Michele Fischer - J. Jana! I love seeing all of the crafty-fantasy stuff! Your photographs belong in books and magazines! I miss you and need to have my girls’ portraits made by the best photographer I know! Congrats on all of your success! Xoxo~MF

  • Elizabeth P - I love your work. All of the images I’ve seen are amazing. I would love to get an opportunity to do a boudoir session with you.

  • Lisa Albus - I LOVED the on the Dallas Market Center. I have always wanted to and between your lovely words to describe the place and your beautiful pictures. I feel as if a part of me has now been there too. Thank you for your beautiful words and pictures. Lisa Albus

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