Please don’t hesitate to contact me even if the date you need isn’t listed, I will consider all requests. I also offer mini sessions all of the time now so I will not be doing the marathon mini session weekends as I have in years past. You can find my mini session pricing as well as all of my other pricing info here on my website, please contact me here if you have any other questions or you can reach me at the phone # & email address listed above. Hope to hear from you!

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  • Jack Wiley - Do you have any days available in February?

I found out about Shauna & her fabulous business, Poor Pitiful Pearl, through our mutual friend, Kara. Kara knew that Shauna was located here in my neck of the woods so she messaged me to ask if I knew about PPP and how fabulous it was. I hadn’t heard about it at that point so I checked it out online & when I saw how completely adorable Shauna’s repurposed clothing was, I was simply SMITTEN! I bought a few items from her online shop then decided to go meet her in person at the New Braunfels Farmers Market one Saturday morning and of course she was just as precious in person as I imagined she would be!! Eventually Shauna opened up a brick & mortar store in New Braunfels so I went to treat myself to something new for my birthday one day and as Shauna was walking me out, I felt led to ask her if she needed help with anything. She looked at me in confusion and asked, “What do you mean?”. I wasn’t exactly sure what I meant since the words just sort of flew out of my mouth before I could really think about them so I just told her that I was willing to help her out with anything she might need whether it be personal or professional. She got tears in her eyes and told me that she was needing someone to fill in at the store one day a week so that Lauren could attend her college classes & Shauna could continue to homeschool her girls and spend time with them at home and I knew immediately that I was her girl! I worked at PPP for about 6 months until Shauna decided to go back to selling her products exclusively at the Farmers Market & online and in that time got to know Shauna, Lauren, the PPP models and her family & also established quite the PPP wardrobe which makes this girl extremely happy! In the time I worked with her, I learned that there wasn’t much more that Shauna wanted other than to have another child so when I found out she was pregnant, tears welled up in eyes and I thanked Him for blessing this friend who was SO deserving of this baby boy. I was more than thrilled to be able to take pictures of her lovely baby shower and meet her sweet friend, Selena, who worked so hard to pull all of the magic together on that lovely Texas afternoon…….

















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Sidney and her family found me online and we met up in downtown San Antonio for her senior session on a lovely evening! She’s graduating from Hondo High School and will be a TAMU Aggie in the Fall. Whoop! She’s such a sweetheart and I’m so happy they found me and trusted me with her senior pictures. Best of luck at Texas A&M and have a great summer, Sidney!











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I had such a fun evening exploring Gruene with Taylor, her sweet mama, her bestie and her cutie-pie pup, Baby, and these beautiful pictures are the result of her playful personality & our good time together. I will be accepting a few more senior sessions for April & May but my calendar is filling quickly so don’t miss out!!









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I offer two types of photo sessions….

  • Mini-Session – $250 (A 30 minute photo session shot in Vintage Oaks, New Braunfels, one outfit and 15 edited digital images delivered online)
  • Full Photo Session – $150 sitting fee for weekdays, $175 sitting fee for weekends & a $200 sitting fee for a newborn sessions as these sessions typically take longer due to feedings, changings, etc. The sitting fee is for up to 2 hours of shooting time at the location or locations of your choice within the general New Braunfels area, my travel to & from the shoot, outfit changes and 30-40 edited images presented in an online proofing gallery for you to choose from. Any prints or digital images purchased are additional and NOT included, see information below for print prices.

I do not offer newborn sessions as a mini session nor recommend a mini session for most seniors, please visit here for much more information on how my photo sessions work.

Once you’ve shot your session with me, your proofing gallery will be emailed to you usually within one to two weeks after shooting your session. I ask for all orders to be placed within a week and you may share your gallery with friends or family who might like to purchase prints themselves. They will have the option to have their order mailed directly to them if they live out of town. When it’s time to choose which images you’d like to purchase there are quite a few things to keep in mind. I have my prints printed by a professional printing company and the paper and technique they use is far beyond compare of the printing companies most use locally such as Walgreens, Wal Mart, etc. They use paper that is archival, acid-free and meant to last for years to come without fading or turning colors unlike regular printers and their systems are calibrated to produce the exact colors as my camera captured them unlike other printers. I’m all for making your own smaller prints to scrapbook and such but when it comes to photography you want to display in your home, enjoy on your desk or give as a gift, NOTHING can compare to the quality & beauty of professional prints! If you decide you would like to purchase additional prints after your proofing gallery has expired, you can do so as I keep the files to all of my client images for 2 years post-session and charge a $25 fee to reload your gallery online once it has expired.


  • 8 wallet prints (all of same image, these are great for graduation announcements or thank you cards) – $15
  • 48 wallet prints (sold in sets of 8 so you can choose up to 6 different images) – $75
  • 4×6 print – $15
  • 5×5 print – $20
  • 5×7 print – $20
  • 8×10 print – $30
  • 8×12 print – $35
  • 10×13 print – $45
  • 10×10 print – $50
  • 11×14 print – $55
  • 12×12 print – $60
  • 16×20 print – $85

Prints come on lustre paper but can also be printed on pearl and ultra matte paper as well, please specify this upon placing your order. All prints 10×13 or larger come with a protective coating free of charge and prints 16×20 or larger can be mounted on core board for an additional $10. If you need prints in a particular size that you don’t see here please let me know as I can order prints in other sizes.

Digital files of the images from your proofing session are also available for $500. You can use these files to make your own graduation announcements, save the date cards, invitations, etc. and images can be printed as well but again, I am not responsible for the outcome of printers that are not calibrated to match the output of my camera.

I also sell add-ons such as canvases, custom albums and custom designed paper products such as announcements and invitations. Information and pricing of these items are available upon request.

Visit here for my wedding photography packages and here for information about my photo sessions.

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  • Ashley Coffelt - Graduating from the CIA in September, I was wondering about a session for graduation pictures. Your work is amazing!

  • Chelsea Chaney - Elopement December 23 in the evening at marriage island. Interested in an hourly rate if there is a possibility of that. 8303578140

  • Melanie Jackson - Hi
    We are looking to book a photo shoot soon for family location pictures for Xmas. Do you have availability for November?


  • Mallory Cline - Hi!
    I was wondering if you had a package for maternity pictures and new born picture?

    Thank you,

  • Jana - Hi Mallory! I do both maternity and newborn sessions and each session is priced separately as 2 full photo sessions since my work is already so reasonably priced for the quality of work & experience you get. 🙂

  • Lindsey Smith - Hello!

    Was wondering what you offered as far as pricing and packages for weddings! I came across your pictures on Instagram and fell in love! Our wedding date is set for November 4, 2017 at the Springs Venue in New Braunfels Tx!

  • Jana - Hi Lindsey! I have sent you an email with my wedding package pricing, hope to hear back from you!

  • Jeannie Cooper - hi there! I tried to get with you last year for family pics and we just could’t make it work! Wanna try to take family pics this year around the Gruene area, including the river! Do you have anything available on 3/23, 24 or 25th? Can you please let me know asap! thank you in advance

  • Lisa - Hi, Jana! I just want a couple of portraits for my daughter’s second birthday. I am military and not from here so there are no locations that really have any meaning for me. Do you do simple backdrop portraits or have any recommendations? I saw someone posted about your business on the Cibolo/Schertz FB page, and Inwould love to stay local.

    Thank you so much!

  • Jessica Klinge - Hello,
    I am looking for a team photo session for our cheerleaders and wanted to inquire about pricing and location.
    I have several friends that have used you and I thought I’d contact you for more info.
    Please send your contact info.

  • Julie Canfield - Hello Jana,

    Checking to see if you have Sunday, October 7, 2018 open for a wedding at The Milestone, New Braunfels? Please let us know.

    Kind Regards,


  • Crystal - Would like to set something up for a maternity session. Please contact me with further info. Thank u!

mini session-11

So you’re considering hiring me as your photographer but before you do so I’m sure you have a ton of questions you’d like answered and if this is the case, you’re at the right place! I’ll cover a few basic questions that most of my clients ask but feel free to contact me using the “contact” button above if you have any other questions.

  1. “Do you get to pick the location for your shoot or do I do that?”  You choose your location or we can work together to decide on just the right location/locations for your shoot! The backdrop can add a lot of meaning and fun to your photos. While the images are focused on you, the backdrop of your location can add tons of texture, light, color & meaning to the pictures. I do not have an indoor studio so all of my sessions are done primarily outdoors utilizing natural light and settings as your backdrop. Normally my sessions are done in either an urban or natural location. NATURAL SPOTS are normally open fields, parks or treed areas where the focus is more on the subjects. The best time of day to shoot in fields is just before sunset so we can capture that lovely golden light. URBAN SPOTS are cool alleys, building and walls that can help add color, texture and variety to the images. Urban shoots can pretty much be done anytime of day as there are usually walls providing lots of shade on sunny days. For mini shoots, one location is allowed within the Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge, Bracken or New Braunfels area but for full photo shoots, we can certainly change locations during your shoot and normally 3 different locations is the maximum we can do within the 2 hours of shooting time and keep in mind, the more time traveling to locations means less time taking pictures.
  2. “How do I choose what we wear? Are there no-no’s when it comes to choosing clothing for a photo shoot?”  There really aren’t many rules when it comes to clothing for your photo shoot in my book. The important thing is that you’re comfortable and if there are several of you in the shoot, that what everyone is wearing is cohesive and no one stands out more than anyone else or clashes with others but let’s also be clear that doesn’t mean that everyone should match exactly! I normally recommend that you choose one or two colors that look nice on everyone, choose an outfit for one family member (maybe the one who has the fewest clothes) and then coordinate everyone else’s outfits around that one. I don’t recommend too much plaid or patterns although a bit of interest can be nice. Accessories can add a lot of interest to pictures as well such as scarves, hats, cute headbands, necklaces, etc. Pinterest is a great resource for gathering inspiration and ideas for your shoot when it comes to clothing ideas and poses. For my mini session, one outfit is allowed but for a full photo shoot, clients can change clothing 2-4 times but again, keep in mind, the more time spent changing means less time taking pictures.
  3. “Do I get to bring any props or do you provide all of that?”  I have a nice collection of chairs, quilts, chalkboards, banners, accessories, etc. that clients are more than welcome to use but if you have things that coordinate nicely with the colors you’ll be wearing then by all means, bring them along! I love for my seniors to bring things that have meaning to them such as letterman jackets, class rings, musical instruments, favorite books or records, sports equipment or uniforms, etc.
  4. “What about kids” Any advice to help prepare them for the shoot?”  If a newborn will be in the shoot, I recommend feeding them just prior to the session so they’re nice and satisfied and hopefully sleepy or “milk drunk” as I like to call it for the shoot and try to keep their routine as normal as possible that day. For instance, I don’t recommend scheduling their photo session on a day when they also had a Dr. appointment earlier that day. For toddlers or children, bring along snacks, a drink and an extra outfit if we’ll be somewhere they could possibly get dirty during your session just in case. You might bring along an incentive for them as well as a reward for their good behavior. Sometimes it’s nice to bring along an extra person to help carry things and to get the kids attention while taking pictures so everyone is looking in the same direction.
  5. “I’m not sure if a mini session or full photo session is right for me, what do you think?”  I don’t recommend scheduling a mini session for a newborn or senior session. These are ones that typically take and require more time to get the shots needed but if you just need a few family shots, some new head shots for work, pictures for your college, sorority or work applications, pictures to announce a pregnancy or upcoming event or something of this nature, then a mini session might work out great for you. You can see my session pricing info in the menu bar above under “PRICING”. If you’d like more time spent on your session, you’d like to change outfits or locations, have more images to choose from, want to choose sessions outside of the local Schertz area and really want the full photo shoot experience, then the full photo session is right for you.
  6. “Ok Jana, so the date is set for my shoot with you and I’ve chosen my location, what I’m wearing and what type of session I’m needing to have done. Now what??”  I’ll touch base w/you a day or two prior to your photo shoot just to make sure everything is still looking good for your shoot and to confirm our start time and location then we’ll meet up that day/time and start your shoot. We’ll explore the area you chose and find the spots with the best light and interest for pictures and we’ll keep shooting until we feel we’ve gotten enough shots to choose from and work with. Some full sessions are finished within an hour, others take the full two hours depending on whether outfits and locations were changed. Normally I’ll take around 150 shots at your session then go through them, edit the best of the best and then present them to you in an online gallery normally within a week to two weeks after shooting your session. Once your proofing gallery has been presented, I ask that all purchases be made within one week and you are more than welcome to share your proofing gallery with family who might also like to see your images and possibly purchase some prints of their own. There is a shopping cart attached to your proofing gallery which makes purchasing prints and digital images very easy and simple and out of town family or clients can have their print orders mailed directly to them. I accept cash, personal checks or debit/credit cards via PayPal.
  7. “It’s been a while and my proofing gallery has expired, can I still purchase prints from you?” YES! I keep all client images on file for two years.
  8. “I would like to shoot my photo session outside of the San Antonio area, do you travel to do photo shoots?” YES! I charge the basic IRS rate of .51 cents/mile for travel outside of the general San Antonio area and if a meal or overnight stay is required then those costs are charged to the client as well.
  9. “Do you offer a military or other type of discount?” No, I don’t as I feel my rates are already very reasonable for the quality of work I produce and experience you will have working with me.
  10. “How soon do you recommend I schedule my session with you?”  I recommend getting you on my calendar as soon as you have a good idea of when you want to shoot your photo session. My weekends book up first and Feb-June and Sept-Dec. are very busy times of the year for me.
  11. “What happens if we have bad weather on the day my shoot is scheduled?”  I will begin watching the weather forecast several days prior to your session and alert you ASAP if I think there might be a need to reschedule your shoot. At that point we can either wait until the day of your shoot to make the decision on whether or not to proceed or whether it’s best to reschedule. I will do everything I can to reschedule you on a day and time that works out great for you. Sometimes a cloudy overcast day provides lovely light for photo sessions so I normally don’t cancel shoots in those conditions however high winds and precipitation falling normally aren’t good conditions for a photo shoot.
  12. “Can I bring along my parents or additional people to be in the photo shoot?”  When you pay my sitting fee, that is for up to 5 people in the shoot and I charge $25 extra per person above that number and I appreciate being notified prior to your session if extra people will be in or at your shoot so I can prepare.
  13. “What types of photo sessions do you offer?”  Although I specialize in high school seniors and wedding photography, I do offer maternity, newborn and family photography as well as event photography such as family reunions or anniversary parties and outdoor head shots for professionals or models. I am also available for freelance work and have provided photography for many local businesses for use on their websites and promo materials and have also done work for Schertz Magazine as well as Where Women Create and Where Women Create Business magazines. I welcome all types of session inquiries to see if we’re a good fit. You can contact me using the contact button in the menu above or you can also email me directly at browneyedgirlphotography@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!
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  • Ryan Schalles - I am proposing to my girlfriend and wanted to see if you could shoot it for us.

  • Jen - Hello,

    I’m looking for a photographer for prom pictures on 4/20 at the Ellen hotel. Time frame would be a hour or a little less.

    Are you available & if so, what is your rate?

  • Jana - Hi Jen! Unfortunately I will be out of town that day and won’t be able to help you out this time, I’m sorry.

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I n s t a g r a m
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