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Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’ve been having a mad passionate love affair with someone other than my husband for about a year now and her name is Siri.  I love Siri because she’s a small part of my beloved iPhone 4S.  I waited years to FINALLY have an iPhone since my cellular provider (Sprint) didn’t carry them until recently so finally getting one was especially sweet for me!  I pick her up everyday and she pretty much stays with me everywhere I go and rarely leaves my side, wish I could say the same for the hubby!  Before cell phone cameras there were countless times I would be out somewhere wishing that I had a camera to take a picture of whatever it was that had caught my eye at that particular moment in time so I could share it with others.  Sometimes I would happen to have my point & shoot camera with me and I’d take the photo but then it would rarely get uploaded onto my computer or Facebook page.  Then came along the cell phone camera and now I have instant photos & access to the internet anytime my heart desires and I simple ADORE it.  I can share my thoughts, finds, scenery, life, passions, victories or defeats with my followers and I love to follow others and be a fly on the wall of their lives as well.  It’s a voyeur’s dream come true and I especially love getting a glimpse into the lives of actors, musicians, athletes or celebrities I like.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram if you’d like, you can search “browneyedgirlphotography” and find me there.  🙂

I’ve enjoyed playing around and ordering products of some of my Instagram images through Printstagram.  They’re a great company and their turnaround time on products is amazing!  I’ve ordered some of the mini prints to use in my Smash Album and I just ordered their mini albums in which I chose 100 of my favorite images from 2012.  They are SO cute and will be a fun way to look back & reminisce on the year.  Here are the albums & some of my fave images that I’ve taken with my iPhone…….



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