Laboratoire de Design

As much as I love taking photographs of people and providing those life-long images & memories for them, sometimes it’s just plain fun to get out and take photos of the landscape and our surroundings, things that don’t wiggle, move & blink!  🙂  A couple of weeks ago when Amy asked me to come meet her at a new store in Fredericksburg to shoot some pictures for Magnolia Pearl I really had no idea what I’d be walking into.  You see, it’d been years since I’d been there and although I knew they have amazing stores there and I knew it’d probably be fantastic if John & Robin were attaching their name & fashion show to it, I still really had NO idea.  I met Amy at Laboratoire de Design on a rainy friday morning and when I walked in I literally felt as if I had walked into a magical antique fantasy land full of gorgeous linens, wonderful vintage furniture, tons & tons of vintage books, antique treasures & amazing taxidermy that all live in a harmony in a way that only Carol Hicks Bolton can bring it together.  I spent 2 days walking through her store and I discovered new things every single time so if you’re searching for a reason to make a short roadtrip from San Antonio or already have a trip to Fredericksburg planned then be sure and make it a point to stop by the store and make sure you have plenty of time to browse because you’ll need it!  Let me show you what I mean……

Ahhhhhhhh, isn’t it all just dreamy?!   I wanted to buy up a bed-full of her yummy soft linens & lace for my bed or else just curl up on one of her display beds & nap the rainy Texas afternoon away.

  • Carol Spinski - Oh My Good Gracious Jana~ Simply stunning capture. I would LOVE to see this store in person one day:) Hugs, Carol

  • Kay Ellen Design - Beautiful store and photos:)
    Thank you for the tour!

    Kay Ellen

  • kristi - Jana, I think you have the junk eye!!! Nice work. xo Kristi

  • Becky - Simply gorgeous place and photos! Beautiful work! Definitely makes me long to take it all in for real!!

    Have a lovely Thursday!

  • Time Worn Interiors - I would love to visit Carol’s shop! I have been a fan of hers for years!

    Thanks for sharing your photos!


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