Monday Musings

First of all…….Happy New Year!  Thanks for stopping by and checking in to see what’s going on here at Brown-Eyed Girl.  The holidays have come & gone, all traces of Christmas have vanished from my home, my family has left, hubby is back to work and the kiddos headed back to school today and it’s a new year with endless new possibilities so my mind is racing with all of the resolutions I want/need to make, things I want to do & accomplish personally, physically & professionally, changes to myself & my business that I want to make this year, improvements I want to make to our home, etc. and it’s all just a bit…….overwhelming actually.  I feel as if it’s impossible to focus on any one thing in particular so I chose to focus on 2 tasks that I knew I could finish today……laundry & blogging!  Rather than attempting to focus on one subject or session which seems utterly impossible at the moment, you get a compilation of random musings on this fine chilly monday……..

  • It’s only  been a few months since I’ve seen Duran Duran in concert but I’m already itching to see them again (badly!)
  • I just bought myself a new upgraded flash for my camera, necessary but not very exciting for me unfortunately
  • I’m pretty excited about the new seasons of American Idol, Bachelor & Project Runway
  • I just can’t seem to get rid of magazines for some reason & have stacks of them……everywhere
  • My Yorkie has about a dozen different names that we all call her, poor thing probably feels like Sybil
  • When I was little all I knew was that I wanted to be a mommy & be successful
  • I never really used to care for my name nor the fact that I’m from Oklahoma but now I embrace both wholeheartedly
  • I love Texas but really believe that I could move to southern California & feel very  much at home almost immediately
  • It’s only early January and I’m already growing tired of this cold weather, I crave warm sunshine
  • 2010 is all about updating my home, new paint & carpets are on the horizon
  • My neighbors showed me how to appreciate & enjoy really good red wine & I’m so happy that they did
  • I feel good that I successfully helped my mom get through her first holiday season without my dad
  • But I’ve been focusing a bit too much on everyone else & now I think it’s time to focus on me for a while, my needs & wants
  • I feel my home is VERY organized yet my business paperwork & such??  Notsomuch
  • I stink at making goals yet understand that if we don’t make them, we won’t know if we accomplished them
  • I look forward to nurturing current friendships & making many more new ones in the new year
  • I like looking at this photo I took at the San Antonio Missions because it makes me feel WARM……..

April 08 042 copy

  • **marra** - Really SoCal? I never thought I would hear those words, how can I encourage you??


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