My Three Sons

Well, I had every intention of taking some house pics to share with you to show all the hard work Mom and I have put into our Christmas decor this season but alas, we’ve still had literally no sunshine nor even a hint of bright skies to help illuminate my dark house so I can take pics so instead I’ll post some pics of my boys.  On late sunday afternoon after I returned home from a newborn session in Boerne, I nagged my reluctant sons into submission and we headed out to the greenbelt behind our house for a few quickie family holiday pics so I wouldn’t be the only lame photographer out there who isn’t sending out a pic of her OWN family and here are the results.  Not perfect but hey, it’s US, real life and all.  I’d rather look back at these photographs in 20 yrs. and think, “Yep, that was us back then.  No fake smiles nor ties & snazzy clothes in a pretty plastic setting……our outfits don’t really match and yea, the logos on their shirts are slightly distracting but those are my boys!”  I also have my mom to thank for the motivation to get some pics taken.  Since Dad’s death she’s been in the process of changing things up around her house to make things different yet the same, not intending to erase Dad’s memory yet needing a change so things aren’t exactly the same since he was there with her.  I totally get it and support her 100% so I was more than happy to oblige when she asked for new photos of her grandsons to line to hallways of her home. 

Here she is, Grandma & her only grandchildren:

9 copy

Our oldest son, Ryan…….new driver, trumpet player, quirky sense of humor, the most like my husband, intelligent:


Our middle son, Dylan……..sensitive, physically strong, the clown of the group, quiet most of the time, the most like me:


Our youngest son, Brendan……..athletic, popular with the girls, mixture of his older brothers, momma’s boy (in a good way!):


My mom was brave enough to jump behind the lens and snap a few shots of us and this is literally the ONLY one that turned out but I’m so grateful it did as if provided us an image for our Christmas cards, woot for that!  Yea, again, it’s not perfect and I look extremely short & squatty in my flat Ugg boots next to my tall, lanky husband but what can ya do? 


Well, now you know a bit more about me and my family…….probably more than you bargained for but this is us.  Imperfect, humble, grateful, saved, & loved.

  • Holly - Jana, what a beautiful family! Mom is adorable! You & your husband are too cute in the photo too! The boys are so handsome, so you know you are in trouble with the soon-to-be ladies swirling about??? BTW, Dylan looks EXACTLY like you! xoxoxo

  • Kris - Merry Christmas, Jana: You have a beautiful family. And you look wonderful with your husband. Kris

  • Katie - BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! Love the pictures…just like you said, they are YOU and perfect in EVERY way!

  • Chasity - love these! esp the one of your mom w/ the boys. 🙂 love you guys!

  • Heidi - Hi Jana ~
    Beutiful pictures, and family! Thanks for sharing ~ you all look perfectly happy & loved! Best wishes in the new year!
    xo Heidi

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